5 Reasons People Who Disagree With Me Are Bigots

Disagreement is a code word for hate speech.

Photo: Some person crying for some god damn reason.

He says, “I’m just trying to offer a more nuanced perspective”.

What he actually means is, “I’m a bigot”. Let’s unpack why his perspective is completely and utterly without merit.

1. I like being on the right side of a debate.
It’s really nice to adopt the perspective of one side of a debate. This affords me the safety of a simple and digestible worldview. If I had to embrace both sides, I would be in a position of perpetual unease. I don’t like that. I’d rather feel like I know a simple truth with certainty, than embrace the chaos of a more complex, sometimes paradoxical and nuanced truth that incorporates both of our views.

2. My values are the right values.
Sure, everyone values different things. Some people value freedom. Others value security. Some value personal responsibility. Others value social responsibility. But, let’s face it. Of all the things I could value, the ones that I DO value are the RIGHT ones to value. So, if you value something I don’t value, I won’t value you. Nothing personal. I just don’t like your disgusting values.

3. Shaming you just feels good.
I like things that boost my ego, and nothing boosts it like making you feel like a sack of shit. It’s a win win. I get to feel morally superior and at the same time you are reduced to a projection of my self-hatred.

4. Na na na na boo boo.
Who ho. I can’t hear you. Doo doo doo wha wha. You are wroong. I am right. Nana nana boo boo.

5. I’ve invested so much in being right.
Listen. I didn’t just pick up this perspective yesterday, okay. I’ve been developing my view for over half a decade. Half a decade! Do you know how many articles I’ve read and how many online arguments I’ve gotten in with this view. Imagine having to explain to my friends that the view I shoved down their throats was changed in a day. No, I’d rather double down on it and continue to demonize you and your view. Nothing personal. I’ve just invested too much of my ego in this worldview to go and change it.