Breaking: Pepe the Frog Arrested for Hate Speech

In other news, disagreement is now hate speech.

Photo: Pepe posing for his mugshot, more despondent than ever.

Pepe, the quirky internet star has been taken into custody Sunday evening in connection with charges of hate speech, authorities said.

The frog started out as a lonely mascot for underachievers on 4chan around 2008. However, after a too fast rise in popularity over the last couple years, the once mild mannered amphibian began showing up in memes with drugs and guns. Then, just like an out of control porn habit, the frog turned to harder content. Nazi jokes. Anti SJW drawings. The list goes on.

In an almost textbook meteoric rise and subsequent fall from grace, Pepe then found himself right back where he began, rock bottom. That’s when he turned from jokes about the holocaust to the dankest of all memes, PRO DONALD J DUCK CONTENT. That’s when the cops moved in.

“I don’t even remember anything so disgusting and cruel. Pepe is pro Duck. Gas him”, tweeted a guy on the internet.

Pepe’s bail is set for $2,000,000 as he awaits a trial. In the meantime, a gofundme campaign has been launched by Anonymous to spring the plucky toad.