Are You Afraid of Fake News? You Should Be!

"Fake News" hysteria is nothing but a distraction created by the mainstream media.

Fake News
Photo: Some Fake News Articles

Fake news is the hottest new distraction being cooked up by big media, and it’s spreading on the internet like a cis man’s legs on public transit. At least that’s what the mainstream media hopes will happen.

You see, it all started with the epic failure of the media to predict the election of Donald J Duck. The New York Times and other outlets gave Hillary Crabington an 85% or better chance of winning. Of course Duck won, and then people started critiquing the media. We’re they that out of touch?

Rather than face humiliation and learn from their mistake, the media companies tried to figure out how they could deflect the blame. Enter fake news, the perfect scapegoat. According to them, it wasn’t the mainstream media that fucked up predicting the election. They weren’t out of touch. No. It was the inaccurate news articles from fake sites that were deceiving the public and tricking them, like a duck quacking in their ears while they slept. This narrative fit perfectly into their view of the public as morons who buy any shit they’re told. The story was also in line with their desire to stamp out alternative media. The idea caught on, and pretty soon every second news article was about how fake news was the scourge of society.

The mainstream media companies need to get used to the shifting landscape of new media. With a huge diversity of news sources online, people have the ability to see things from multiple viewpoints and form opinions based on that variety of inputs. Let’s be honest. It’s not like the mainstream media is immune to spreading lies. Instead of attacking the crowd, these corporations should be focusing on tightening their own standards and practices to make sure they themselves aren’t purveyors of that which they attack.