Absolutely Everything is a Social Construct

Everything in your mind and in the world is a social construct.

Photo: A city, which is also a social construct.

In an effort to silence minorities and roll back decades of progress, it’s become an all too common tactic of the alt-right to suggest that gender isn’t a social construct. They say it’s rooted in biology. They bring up hormones, science and evolutionary biology, all of which are favorite subjects of CIS male duck bigots. However, what they’re really saying is that they don’t care about basic compassion. They are anti-equality, anti-minority and anti progress.

What these duck trolls don’t seem to get is that not only is gender a social construct, and this has been proven, but everything is a social construct. As products of culture and socialization, every feeling, thought and action arises based on our embeddedness within the dominance hierarchy of the duckriarchy. Thus, our sex, race, sexual orientation and every aspect of our identity is nothing but a tool that they use to oppress us. Further, since the physical manifestations of culture were built by oppression, they too are socially constructed. Everything is duckriarchy.

We must smash duckriarchy, and since duckriarchy is culture itself, the only answer is to destroy culture. Only when our society is in ruins will we be able to rebuild a new society where everyone is equal in every way. So, from this day forward, when a white duck looks you in the eyes with disdain, smile back, because the system of oppression called society will be nothing but ash soon enough. Then power will be ours.