Gender Non-Conforming Autistic Lesbian Ferret Assaulted

Brutal beating is just latest in string of Donald J Duck Violence

Single Tear
Photo: Some person crying for a good reason.

While walking home from community college an anonymous ferret was approached by 3 CIS male ducks in a pick up truck. They stopped, jumped out and began shouting the name Donald J Duck over and over before pushing them down and kicking them in the stomach. “That’s what you get in a Donald J Duck America. Ducks only”. They then stole them’s purse and drove off with a Duck speech playing loud on their duck stereo.

Since the election of Donald J Duck, there have been countless other such acts of sexist, racist, xenophobic bigotry committed in his name. How many more non-duck, non-male, LGBTQI+ folks will be attacked before Duck voters realize the hate and lies they’ve contributed to spreading?