Apology Needed

White Ducks Must Apologize Now

White CIS ducks, the time has come to openly apologize for the hatred, oppression and suffering you have caused in the world for centuries. You represent a group that has contributed nothing and has taken […]

Not All Birds Have Beaks

Listen up you green headed mallard duck scum. Not all birds have beaks, okay! It’s not my job to educate you, and I know you can barely read anyway. But I’m just literally shaking right […]

Someone Photoshopped a Baby Into Jurassic Park

It’s just amazing what people do on the internet. Look at this Jurassic Park Baby image. Somebody actually photoshopped an infant child into a scene from Jurassic Park. Remember that scene with the Brontosaurus? The […]

Junk Food Healthy For You

Junk Food is Healthy For You – Study Finds

A compound in Junk Food may be the key to longevity, new findings presented Monday suggest. Sucrose, better known as sugar, appears to be an antioxidant. The sweet substance also seems to have immune boosting […]

Donald J Duck A Demon

Breaking: Donald J Duck Actually a Demon

Donald J Duck’s shot at the white house looked like it was in free-fall. Now shocking news has broken that he’s literally a DEMON. That’s right, a malevolent being thought only to exist in mythology […]

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